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Executive Summary

Fakeeh Care (DSFHco) is a distinguished integrated healthcare conglomerate that offers a comprehensive array of healthcare services, including primary, secondary, tertiary, home healthcare, and virtual healthcare. What truly distinguishes Fakeeh Care is its unwavering dedication to academic excellence, embodied by the prestigious College for Medical Sciences. Here, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, and pharmacy thrive, nurturing the future of healthcare with 20 residencies and fellowships, currently training 157 doctors at DSFH Jeddah – marking the largest such program in the private sector.

At Fakeeh Care, our mission is to pioneer innovative medical services, which has led us to be at the forefront of advanced medical procedures in the Kingdom. Our accomplishments include introducing the first robotic surgery program in the private sector, advanced cardiac and neurosurgery capabilities, integrated cancer care, and a leading kidney transplant program. Such accomplishments have consistently earned DSFH the esteemed title of the best hospital in Saudi Arabia's private sector, as recognized by Newsweek in both 2022 and 2023. Our commitment to healthcare quality, safety, and patient experience is unwavering.

Presently, Fakeeh Care operates various healthcare facilities, including DSFH Jeddah, DSFH Riyadh, DSFMC, the Fakeeh executive clinic, and Fakeeh medical home. In alignment with Vision 2030, Fakeeh Care recently acquired a 75% stake in Saudia Airlines Medical Services, marking the Kingdom's first privatization of a governmental healthcare asset, thereby demonstrating our commitment to transforming the healthcare landscape.

In addition to our owned facilities, we excel in healthcare management and operation. For instance, we have successfully managed the KAUST health center for a decade, and we are proud to be the medical and clinical operator of the NEOM hospital, with a vision to revolutionize healthcare delivery through cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, genomics, and personalized medicine. Fakeeh Care is poised to be a leader in healthcare innovation in Saudi Arabia.

Beyond healthcare provision, Fakeeh Care's subsidiaries seamlessly complement our healthcare delivery arm:

1. Fakeeh Technologies: Our state-of-the-art healthcare information technology arm, with offices across Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, and India, serves not only our group but also other private and governmental healthcare providers.

2. MEd-E: Our private ambulance company with a remarkable track record and impressive growth trajectory, offering comprehensive ambulance services, including event coverage, elective transfers, and first-responder emergency services.

3. Al-Farbi: Our logistics company, diligently managing maintenance and facility services in hospitals, attending to both soft and hard surfaces.

4. Fakeeh Complimentary Healthcare Company: Offering a wide range of medical supplies, equipment, pharmaceuticals, eyewear, and our own brand, Fakeeh Vision, through multiple stores and optic shops.

5. Fakeeh Home Health Care: Accredited by the Joint Commission International as an independent home health care entity, we operate in Jeddah, Riyadh, Madinah, and Makkah, providing essential nursing, physical therapy, and home dialysis services.

As Fakeeh Care continues to expand its horizons in scope and scale, the forthcoming five years promise even greater growth. With state-of-the-art hospitals slated to open in Madinah in 2024 and numerous projects in the pipeline, including ambulatory centers in Makkah and Jeddah, a substantial seafront hospital in Obhur, and a visionary hub-and-spoke model in Riyadh, our presence in the healthcare landscape is set to soar.

In conclusion, Fakeeh Care's steadfast commitment to excellence, the provision of advanced medical services, and its diversified healthcare subsidiaries position it as a dominant leader in the healthcare industry, poised for a future of unparalleled achievements and innovations in healthcare.