Sophisticated internal medicine services conjoined with the largest medical team and service offerings panel.

Department ofMedicine is the largest clinical department at DSFH. It comprises more than 45 physicians, distributed over 7 sections. The department providestertiary care for all adult patients. Physicians in the department of internalmedicine are highly trained and qualified, and provide care for both inpatientsand outpatients, and perform procedures in procedure areas. The Departmentconsists of many sections: General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology,Infections Diseases, Pulmonary diseases, Rheumatology; nephrology and Endocrinology.

The major mandate of the Department is to bring together The department of internal medicine at DSFH has a strong residency program that prepares joining medical students to have a very well structured training ininternal medicine disciplines and prepares them to be competent internists.Members of the department area active in research and have many publications inthe field

Services provided

  • In-patients service: clinical teaching units
  • Out-patients service: clinics operatefor 16 hours daily
  • Residency training programs recognized by Saudi council for health care specialties