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Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery: Specialized Care for Our Little Heroes

The Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery department is one of the most important medical departments specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems in children, from bones, joints, and muscles to ligaments and cartilage.

What distinguishes pediatric orthopedic surgery:

  • Highly experienced medical team: The pediatric orthopedic surgery team consists of specialized orthopedic surgeons with advanced degrees in pediatric orthopedic surgery, who possess extensive skills and experience in dealing with various conditions that affect children, taking into account the irunique physical and psychological needs.
  • Advanced techniques: The Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery department is keen to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of surgery, using the latest surgical techniques, such as robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgery, which reduces the duration of the operation, accelerates the healing process, and relieves pain.
  • Comprehensive care: The care of the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery department is not limited to surgery only, but also includes providing comprehensive medical services, such as:
    • Clinical examination and diagnostic assessment: Using various medical means, such as X-rays,CT scans, and MRI, to determine the type and extent of the injury.
    • Physiotherapy: To help the child regain their movement and muscle function after surgery or injury.
    • Psychological rehabilitation: To help the child deal with the psychological effects that may result from injury or surgery.
  • Patient-centered approach: The Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery department pays special attention to providing a safe and comfortable environment for children, taking into account their psychological and emotional needs, through:
    • A nursing staff trained in dealing with children: They have excellent communication skills, patience, and compassion, which helps build a relationship of trust with the child.
    • Providing a detailed explanation to the child and their parents: About the treatment and recovery steps, using simple language that children can understand.

The Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery department at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital provides exceptional medical care for children with musculoskeletal problems, using the latest technologies and treatment methods, while taking in to account their unique physical and psychological needs, helping them return to their normal lives in health and activity.

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