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Diagnostics Services


The radiology department at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital is one of the most fully equipped and regularly updated radiology departments in the Middle East, performing over 130,000 procedures each year. The department offers full-service and is highly specialized to meet all patients' and clinicians' needs in diagnostic imaging and therapeutic interventional procedures. The Department is run by a team of highly qualified, well-experienced, and reliable Consultant radiologists, technicians, and sonographers. The service is available 24 hours/days, 7 days/week.

Services Provided

  • MRI examination of any part of body, in addition to MR spectroscopy, MR breast, MR cardiac.
  • Multi slice CT examination, in addition to cardiac CT, coronary CT, CT angiography.
  • Interventional Procedures including angiography, neuro-intervention, ultrasound or CT guided procedures.
  • Mammography and tomosynthesis with interventional procedures.
  • Nuclear Medicine services
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Ultrasound and all Doppler studies.
  • Plain X-ray and contrast studies

Services Provided

  • Inpatientand outpatient cardiology services
  • Simpleand complex electrophysiology, including ablation, 3D monitoring and cardiacimplants placement
  • Assessmentand treatment of congenital diseases in neonates, paediatrics and adults.
  • Advancedimaging services including cardiac magnetic resonance, cardiac computedtomography, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography
  • Valvularsurgeries including Valve repair ,valve preservation , valve replacement bystandard and minimal invasive approaches
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