Patients Rights

Being a patient at DSFH, you have rights to

  • Be fully informed about your rights and responsibilities.
  • Expect respectful care without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, nationality or source of payment and considerate respect to your beliefs cultural back ground and spiritual needs.
  • Choose your preferred physician and ask for a second opinion if you need as per hospital regulations.
  • Know the identity and professional status of your treating physician and all staff members involved in your care plan.
  • Receive comprehensive explanation and information about your diagnosis, care plan, treatment and expected outcomes and to be given adequate chance to ask questions related to your medical condition before signing any consent form.
  • Have proper assessment and effective pain management during your stay.
  • Refuse to undergo certain test or intervention, or to leave the hospital upon your responsibility, through the established hospital policy.
  • Be treated with privacy, and your entire medical and non-medical information to be kept confidential in consistence with the hospital and kingdom rules and regulations.
  • Get copies of your laboratory and radiological studies, or medical reports upon request.
  • Be transferred to other facility upon your request if your condition allows.
  • Know the prices and the expected estimated costs of your treatment including a breakdown for admission, procedures, tests, and other services with adequate details.
  • Express your concerns, suggestions, compliment, ethical inquiries or submit a complaint and to receive feedback.
  • Be treated in a safe and secure environment.

Patient Responsibilities

To provide you or your patient an optimum care, we expect from you to assume the following responsibilities

  • Provide your treating physicians and care providers with adequate and accurate information about your medical complaint and your past illnesses, hospitalization, medications and other matters related to your health history.
  • To cooperate with all hospital staff and ask questions if you have any inquiry about instructions, directions or planned procedures.
  • Not to take any drug that has not been prescribed by your treating physician.
  • To comply with the hospital’s rules and regulations in case of refusing to undergo any planned diagnostic, therapeutic, or surgical procedure.
  • To respect rights and emotional needs of other patients and visitors.
  • To settle your bills or bring your company / insurance approval before leaving the hospital.

With the guidance of this bill of rights and responsibilities you will

  • Become an active member in your treating team.
  • Receive timely and accurate information about your medical problem.
  • Help to have shorter hospital stay and treatment cost will be lessened.
  • Be able to make fully informed choices before you sign consent forms.
  • Help your treating team to better understand your needs and concerns.
  • Help your team to provide safe, effective and timely patient care.
  • Help your hospital to become a safer environment with less infections, complications & medical errors.
  • Better understand the medical management plan, alternative options (if available) and possible side effect of the proposed treatment or procedure.