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Our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation experts, along with latest technologies, help youget back to an active life - faster & fitter.

The physical medicine andrehabilitation department at DSFH offers safe and effective physical therapyand rehabilitation services. Our team of best in their field physiatrists andphysiotherapy technicians perform a wide range of procedures related to thediagnosis, evaluation and management of cases with physical cognitiveimpairment and disability.

We aim to help our patients lead functionally improved, optimally independent,and easier lives through a vast range of applications that include diagnosisand treatment of pain, functionality limiting conditions, and management ofco-morbidities and co-impairments as well as excellent and updated managementof rheumatic disease for all DSFH patients. Our department is equipped withstate of the art equipment and with hydrotherapy facility.

Services Provided

  • Musculoskeletaldisorders
  • Post-surgicalrehabilitaion
  • Sphinctericrehabilitation
  • Neurologicaldisorders
  • Pediatricrehabilitation
  • Cardio-pulmonaryrehabilitation
  • Inpatientservices

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh hospital continues its tradition of being an institution of many firsts by introducing the first Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation service in the Kingdom’s private sector. This Unit aims to optimize the overall physical, mental, and social functioning of our patients with heart and lung related conditions.

This Unit works hand in hand with other department such as Cardiology, Pulmonology, Dietary Services, Patient Education, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Internal Medicine to provide comprehensive and holistic care to our patients.

We enable our patients to change their lifestyles through a rehabilitation program composed of medically prescribed and supervised exercise – specific to their diagnoses, physical capacity and personal goals, healthy dietary practices, proper medication administration, and relaxation, so that they may reach the same physical condition as when they were disease-free.

A holistic approach to patient care

  • Multidisciplinary Team – ‘one stop shop’ for our patient’s medical needs
  • Individual care and attention – no more than 2 patients at a time
  • Physical training tailored to patient’s medical needs
  • Continuous ECG and vital signs monitoring during physical activity
  • Focused attention on the emotional and mental effects of cardiopulmonary disease
  • Extensive patient education about their diseases
  • Personalized nutritional advice and weight management

Services Provided

  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation