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All your ENT requirements met withthe highest level of care quality, combined with the newest technologies.

Staff of the otorhinolaryngologyand allied sciences department at DSFH ,work continuously on deliveringservices that conform with DSFH values of integrity, honesty, compassion andteamwork well-earning our reputation for being one of the leading healthcareestablishments in KSA.

Our department operates on a full range of procedures and our highly qualifiedteam of physicians offers a wide range of services including general ENT (ear,nose, and throat) procedures, endoscopic sinus procedures, vestibular andaudiologic testing and management, and phoniatrics and speech therapy. The teamis supported by innovative, best in the field technicians and compassionate andpositive nurses.

The otorhinolaryngology and allied sciences department also offers advancedsurgical procedures including endoscopic pituitary and major ear surgeries,Microlaryngoscopic and voice restoration surgeries. Additionally our audiologyunit performs all audiological and balance tests coupled with vestibularrehabilitation and hearing aids provision.

Our services are tailored for patients of all ages, including neonates,children, adults and elderly.
We also provide around the clock service in our emergency coverage.

Special Services Provided

  • Snoring and sleep disorder clinic
  • Vertigo clinc
  • Combined ENT – Oncology clinic
  • Otoacoustic hearing screening ofnew-borns
  • ABR and VNG


Diagnosisand Management of audiology and Balance disorders is done at DSFH by highlytrained and experienced physicians and technicians and the unit is equipped bystate of the art technology. This unit is part of the otorhinolaryngology andallied sciences department at DSFH and is located in Bldg 7, 2nd floor. Theunit provides the following services:

  • Basicaudiology assessments
  • Balancetests
  • Vestibularassessment and rehabilitation
  • Hearingaids provision.
  • ABR( auditory brainstem response)
  • OTOacoustic emission
  • Generalaudiology and balance clinic
  • Vertigoclinic

Speech Therapy

The Phoniatricsunit at DSFH covers a full spectrum of speech, language, voice and swallowingdisorders assessment and rehabilitation services.
Our services are tailored for patients of allages, 16 hours a day in our clinics, and around the clock in our emergencycover.

  •  Language test.
  • Computerizedspeech lab.
  • Nasometry.
  • ArticulationTest.
  • Dysphasia Test.
  • Stutteringseverity instrument.
  • Family counselingand training programme for parents.
  • Voice & speech therapy sessions