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Intensive Care Unit

Intensive care with futuristic technologiesand an expert medical care team.

VIP Patient Room
  • Provides care to various types of patients including those presenting with advanced metabolic diseases, infectious diseases with septic shock, strokes and other cerebrovascular events, hemodynamic instability and respiratory failure of any etiology and postoperative patients who need post-op ICU care
  • Provided by highly trained and qualified intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical medicine therapists and dieticians
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Continuous hemodynamic monitoring
  • Hemodialysis, and hemofiltration
  • Insertion of invasive devices such as central lines ,arterial lines, Chest tubes, percutaneous tracheotomies
  • Postoperative care of organ transplantation
  • Work is in progress to introduce ECMO service
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