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Burn Unit

What is a burn unit?

The burns unit is a specialized medical facility providing comprehensive care and treatment for individuals who have suffered various burn injuries, and this unit is characterized by specialized equipment aimed at providing the highest level of health care to patients and improving the results of their treatment.

The burns unit provides highly specialized services through an experienced medical team that includes doctors and surgeons from a variety of medical specialties such as: cosmetology, orthopedics and joints, in addition to nurses, physiotherapists, and others. This diversity of specialties and expertise allows the development of comprehensive and personalized treatment plans that meet the needs of each patient, to achieve the best results.

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital is proud ofhas a specialized burn care unit, equipped with the latest equipment andfacilities necessary to deal with all burn cases, under the care of aspecialized medical team with high experience in the field of burn treatment.

Burn unit services

The burns unit offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique needs of burn patients, which can vary depending on the severity and type of burn injury, the following are some of these services:

Momentary (acute) care

Acute care focuses on:

Comprehensive assessment and immediate management of burn injuries, determining the most appropriate treatment approach for each patient, with the aim of stabilizing the patient, preventing infection, and promoting healing.

  • Assessment of burn-related injuries, such as: suffocation, smoke inhalation, or trauma.
  • Wound care, which includes cleaning burn wounds, applying appropriate bandages.
  • Monitoring of vital signs, fluid balance in the patient.
  • Pain management, using medications, aswell as non-pharmacological methods, such as: distraction techniques,relaxation exercises, physiotherapy methods.
  • Perform surgical operations if necessary.

Skin transplantation operations

Skin transplantation or grafting is useful in cases of severe burns or covering a large area of the body; when the skin is significantly destroyed and the rate of its return to normal is impossible.This operation is performed for several reasons, including cosmetology to help the sufferer regain his self-confidence. And to avoid infection and chronic inflammation in the burn area, reduce pain.

In this operation, healthy skin is taken from one of the areas of the body, transplanted to the burn site. This Procedure helps in strengthening the healing process and contributes to improving the function of the damaged area and its appearance.

Physical therapy

The burns unit provides physiotherapy services to help patients regain their functional abilities, improve their overall quality of life, and cope with any physical disabilities caused byBurns, such as limited mobility, muscle weakness, and scarring.

Psychological support

The mental health specialists at the burns unit provide psychological counseling and therapy to help patients and their families deal with the psychological effects of burns, such as anxiety,depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as a major role in promoting their overall health throughout the healing process.

Accommodation and specialized facilities

The burns unit is equipped with specialized facilities and a comfortable and safe space to accommodate patients for long periods, especially in cases where Burns are severe, and these facilities include: isolation rooms to prevent infection, specialized baths to disinfect wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy rooms, and hydrotherapy rooms to promote healing.

In addition to the above, the medical team in the burns unit can provide other services such as: nutritional consultation because proper nutrition is very important in the treatment, in addition to care and constant monitoring to address any complications or long-term problems that may arise as a result of a burn injury.


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