A leading center for all orthopedic problems –we understand, we care, and we help you recover faster.

The orthopaedic andspine surgery department at DSFH prides itself for being part of one of theleading healthcare facilities in KSA and the middle-east and ensures to be anintegral part of the high quality services provided in this establishment. Thedepartment is considered to be one of the leading medical centers in orthopedicpathology and trauma, and our team work hard, day in and day out, to deliverthe highest quality healthcare services by focusing our attention on precise,case by case, diagnosis and treatment.

Our highly qualified orthopedists excelin their field of specialty and cherish a unique set of skills and knowledgethat qualifies them to operate a complete spectrum of surgeries and proceduresincluding head surgeries, foot and ankle surgeries, and cheiroplasty. Ourdepartment hosts cutting-edge technologies in the industry to guarantee to ourpatients safe, effective, and stress-free treatments. The orthopedic and spinesurgery department at DSFH also includes a referral center and boasts a trainingand research centers through which we work on passing our knowledge andexperience to younger generations. 

Services Provided

  • Spineand scoliosis
  • Sportmedicine
  • Arthroplastyand revisions
  • Traumaand complex trauma
  • Pediatricorthopedic (trauma and deformity)
  • Footand ankle
  • Limbdeformities
  • Pelvicfracture
  • Handsurgeries
  • Podiatrysciences to patients with foot disorders ,including diabetic ulcers
  • Residencyprogram that is recognized by Saudi council for health care specialties
  • Trainingin spine fellowship