Department of Pharmacy

For all your medicine requirements, our pharmacy is a one-stop shop with highly-skilled staff.


The pharmacies in DSFH incorporate our organization’s values of teamwork, continuous improvement, and placing patients and families always at the center of our attention. All operations in DSFH are supervised by the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee, and all our processes are compliant with JCIA, Saudi FDA, CBAHI, and ACHSI (Australian Council for Healthcare Standards International). Pharmaceutical Services at DSFH:


Providing services to all clinics and emergency rooms, the four Outpatient pharmacies in DSFH (i.e. OP.1 – OP.2– OP.3 – OP.4), ensure top-quality delivery of all compounded pharmaceutical preparations by well-trained and competent pharmacists who are also keen on providing patients with consultation on the proper use of their particular medications. Over-the-counter drugs are also available at these pharmacies and cosmetical products are available for self-selection purchase in Body Central.


Our centralized Inpatient Pharmacy offers dedicated around-the-clock services to admitted patients providing prescription medications in compliance with the international accreditation standards for medication management. The patient Pharmacy ensures the appropriate distribution of medications to an average of 400 patients per day, and our Inpatient Pharmacists work together with our assistants to ensure the accurate delivery of the highest quality pharmaceutical care to our patients.


Our clinical Pharmacists supervise the implementation of the hospital’s pharmaceutical care plan and total parental nutrition. They are also responsible for collecting, investigating, and analyzing possible reports about medication errors and reported drug adverse events. The Clinical Pharmacists also provide consultative recommendations to our physicians upon their request. Clinical Pharmacists function as an integral part of the healthcare team at DSFH. Clinical Pharmacists work closely with our physicians on delivering the desired therapeutic outcome, preventing or minimizing drug-related issues, and raise awareness about medication use. Clinical Pharmacists also practice in several of our Ambulatory Care Clinics.


DSFH Pharmaceutical services organize training programs designed for pharmacy and clinical pharmacy students and aim to support new generations with the needed knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in practice.

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