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Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Desouki AbdulrahmanDr. Ahmed Mostafa Desouki Abdulrahman

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Desouki Abdulrahman

Orthopedics and Spine
DSFH Jeddah, DSFH Basateen
Orthopedics and Spine
Orthopedics and Spine
Arabic , English


Dr. Ahmed is a Specialist in Orthopedics at the Orthopedics Department at DSFMC - Al-Basateen, Where his primary area of specialization focuses on:

Orthopedics Consultations,

Management of Trauma and Fractures.

Management of Spine and joints diseases.


Member of Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK, 2015

Member, the Saudi Counsel for Health Specialties, 2008

Member of the Egyptian Orthopedics Association, 2002

Member of Egyptian Medical Syndicate, Consultant of Orthopedics


Dr. Ahmed is graduated from Kars El Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt in 1997, then the USMLE, USA, in 2002, followed by the master's degree in Orthopedics from Cairo University, Egypt in 2006, followed by the MRCS, London, United Kingdom in 2015

Work Experience:

Dr. Ahmed worked in Nasser Institute Hospital for research and Treatment, The biggest.  Orthopedics Center in Ministry of Health in Egypt from 2002 till 2006 Then He worked in Ministry of Health Hospitals in Al Baha, Saudi Arabia from 2006 to 2011.After that, Dr. Ahmed shifted to work in Ministry of health hospitals in Egypt until 2014 Then He worked in Saudi Airlines Medical Center until end of 2018 Then He joint DSFH since May 2019.